5 Great Ways To Keep Ticks Off Your Dogs

15 November 2017
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If you live near thick vegetation, you need to keep an eye on your dog and make sure that they don't get ticks on them. Ticks can carry and spread various disease to your dog. You can keep ticks off your dog with spot-on treatment, oral medication, shampoos, tick dips, and tick collars.

#1 Spot-On Treatment

Spot-on treatment is a common way to keep ticks off dogs. Spot-on treatment can be purchased over the counter at your local pet store. With spot-on medication, you have to apply the medication directly to your dog's skin, usually in a specific spot such as their neck. Make sure that you don't pet or touch your dog for the recommended amount of time after you apply the medication. You may also need to refrain from washing your dog for a set number of hours after you apply spot-on medication.

Spot-on medication does wear off, so be sure to check and see how long it is designed to be effective. Mark the date the medication will wear off on your calendar, so you know when to apply it again.

#2 Oral Medication

There are also oral medications your dog can take to keep ticks at bay. These medications make your dog's blood taste unappealing to both ticks and fleas. Generally, with an oral medication, you just have to give your dog the pills once a month. You can easily mix the pills in with your dog's food. This is an easy and direct way to help keep ticks off your dog. You will most likely have to get a prescription from your dog's vet if you want to go this route though.

#3 Shampoos

If you regularly give your dog a bath, shampoo tick treatment may be a good treatment option for your dog. Instead of using your dog's regular shampoo when you bath them, use shampoo that is directly designed to protect your dog against ticks. This is a very affordable treatment option for your dog. Keep in mind though that you will need to use this shampoo every time you wash your dog and you will need to bath your dog at least every other week.

#4 Tick Dips

If you want a strong tick prevent method, try a tick dip. A tick dip is a really strong chemical solution that is generally diluted in water before being applied directly to your dog's skin. This is a really strong treatment that should not be used on puppies or nursing dogs. If you use this treatment method, be sure to wear gloves and keep the chemicals off yourself.

#5 Tick Collars

Finally, another common way to keep ticks off your dog is with a tick collar. The collar will only keep ticks away from your dog's head and neck area, but those are the two most common areas where ticks like to hang out on your pet. The upside to a tick collar is that it is long-lasting. You can usually use the same tick collar on your dog for a couple of months before you have to change it out for a new one.

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