How To Choose A Good Vet For Your Pet

10 January 2023
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Choosing a vet for your pet is an important process. You want the best possible care for your pet's current and future medical needs.

While you can ask friends and family for recommendations, you should also back up these personal opinions with some practical factors. What should you consider before you choose which clinic to use?


You should try to find a veterinarian close to home. Long distances don't work so well here.

On a basic level, you don't want to have to travel a long way for routine appointments. You'll lose useful time. Plus, your pet might get stressed if they don't like traveling in your car.

More seriously, you don't want a long journey in a medical emergency. If your pet has an accident or becomes seriously sick, then you need to get to your clinic fast.

So, try to find a clinic close to your home. Shorter journey times make your life easier and could save the life of your pet in an emergency.


If you have a dog, cat, or other popular animal, then any vet should be able to treat your pet. However, if your pet has special medical needs, or if you own an exotic or rare animal, then regular vets might not be the right solution.

For example, if you own snakes, then it makes sense to find a clinic with some experience in dealing with snakes. If you run a small hobby farm, then you need a vet with experience working with the livestock pets you keep.

Your pet will get more effective treatment if its vet has experience of working with its breed. You get specialist help when you need it.

Emergency and Surgical Services

Like any pet owner, you hope that your pet will only ever need standard treatments, such as vaccinations and check-ups. However, you should also think about what would happen if your pet ever needs emergency care or surgery.

As you evaluate clinics, check to see how they deal with emergencies. Do they take out-of-hours calls? What would you have to do if your pet had a serious accident when the clinic is closed?

You should also check what would happen if your pet needed routine surgery or care in a pet hospital. Does the clinic do surgical procedures and can they care for animals on site?

Ideally, a clinic should offer all the services you might need during your pet's life. Or, it should outsource specialty care to a reputable clinic that is also close to home.

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