3 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Cat Spayed

1 July 2022
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As a responsible pet owner, you must do everything you can to ensure your cat is healthy. One of the most important things you can do is get your cat spayed or neutered. Not only is it healthier for your cat, but it also helps to control the pet overpopulation problem. Getting your cat fixed can help keep her from getting cancer and can help her have a longer life. So, what will you have to do when you want your cat spayed?


Before your cat can get spayed, the vet will ensure that your pet has all her vaccinations. That will ensure that your cat is nice and healthy and can fight off anything covered by the shots. Your doctor will generally require that you have a waiting period between getting the shots and getting spayed. That will help your cat's system not be overwhelmed by everything happening at once. The delay generally isn't all that long, so it shouldn't be a problem.

No Food

The night before you take your cat in for her spay procedure, you must ensure that she doesn't eat or drink anything. The reason for this is that your cat is going to go under anesthesia, and if she has had something to eat or drink, there is a chance that she might get sick. If your cat throws up under anesthesia, there is a chance that it will get aspirated, which could put your cat at high risk of getting sick or even dying. 


Usually, you drop your cat off in the morning so the vet's office can start the surgery. After the surgery, the vet will let your cat recover and then call you so that you can pick them up. When you pick up your cat, she may be a little loopy, and the doctor will send you home with pain meds. Make sure you give your cat the pain meds because a spay operation is done through an incision on her belly, which will hurt. The vet may also give you instructions on how to change her dressings. Changing the dressings will keep any infection down. 

If you have a new cat, you want to ensure that you get her spayed. If you are on a fixed income, there are low-income spay clinics that you can check into to see if you qualify for their help to get your pet the treatment she needs.

For more information, contact a pet spay service in your area.