What To Do If Your Cat's Tooth Falls Out

25 January 2018
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Cats' teeth can fall out for a wide variety of reasons, including trauma and long-term decay or gum disease. If one or more of your cat's teeth have suddenly fallen out, it could be quite alarming for you and painful for your cat. Follow these steps to ensure to reduce the pain and potential trauma your cat could go through.

Collect Tooth

If you've actually seen your cat's tooth fall out or you've found it in your home, try and scoop up the remains. You should put them in a dry, sealable container, like a pill bottle. Your veterinarian will be able to examine the tooth and determine what part of your cat's mouth it came from in order to better help your kitty.

Furthermore, teeth that fall out due to trauma often don't fall out in one piece. They may crack or break, leaving behind fragments or large chunks of tooth in the gums. If you only find part of a tooth, this may indicate to your veterinarian that your cat may need the remainder of the tooth extracted.

Prep Cat For Transport

If your kitty's oral health is doing poorly enough to lose teeth, chances are they're uncomfortable, too. You should immediately begin the process of getting your cat stowed in a carrier to take to the vet, but it's important not to rush the process.

Cats that are in pain or afraid are more likely to lash out. Even if your cat normally gets along wonderfully with you, they might not right now. Be careful and avoid forcing your cat to do anything it doesn't want to. If it's hiding where you can't reach it, try coaxing it out with an offering of soft food. Allow your cat to come out and to eat a little before you try scooping it up. Simply grabbing for your cat could get you scratched up and hurt.

Unfortunately, there isn't much the average pet owner can do for their cats' dental pain without first seeing a vet. However, you can make your kitty feel safer and more comfortable by putting toys or a blanket that smells familiar to them in their carrier with them.

Go To Vet

Most importantly, you must take your cat to the vet. Even if the entire tooth has fallen out, your cat most likely now has an open wound in its gums. This can easily become infected and cause problems for the remaining teeth, plus a great deal of pain for your cat.

Rest assured that your vet will be able to help your kitty. Whether your cat simply needs antibiotics to prevent an infection or additional surgery is required, your kitty will be just fine if you get to the vet in a timely manner.

Dental care for cats should never be neglected, especially if your cat has somehow lost a tooth. Talk to your animal health service to find out how you can prevent this from happening again.