3 Often Overlooked Features Your New Dog's Veterinarian Should Offer For Optimal Convenience

20 June 2017
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With multiple veterinarians to choose from, it can be tough to determine which caretaker will be able to meet your dog's needs and your expectations overall. Here are a few features to look for that are often overlooked, but should help make your experience with the vet more convenient:

Emergency Services

One of the most important things your vet can offer is 24-hour emergency services so you don't have to worry about scouring the phone book to find an animal hospital that's open if your dog gets seriously in the middle of the night. Your veterinarian or a qualified representative should be reachable by phone at anytime in case you need advice or to help you determine whether your situation is a true emergency.

The vet's office should feature a boarding facility where your dog can safely stay overnight in an emergency situation if necessary. This will help ensure that your pet doesn't have to be transported to another clinic or hospital where they would be under the care of an unfamiliar veterinarian.

Multiple Identification Options

Your veterinarian should also offer several identification options for your dog. In addition to selling inscribed tags for your dog's collar, your vet should provide microchipping services and ensure that your national file is always maintained so you can be contacted if your dog is lost and brought to a vet facility or the humane society. An in-house identification database should also be maintained at your veterinarian's office which includes a physical description of your dog, their microchip information, their home address, and any medical information that should be known by strangers if they find your lost dog at some point in the future. Your vet can provide this information to their clients if your dog gets lost so the chance of finding him safe is greater.

The Latest Flea Treatments

Unfortunately, when the same flea treatment is used over and over again, fleas tend to get used to the poisons and other ingredients in it and learn to adapt. In the end, you'll notice that fleas simply don't die off with the use of your regular treatments after awhile, so it's important that your veterinarian stays up-to-date on the latest flea medications and treatments so they can offer them to you regularly. You should be able to upgrade your dog's flea treatment at least once a year to minimize infestations at any given time.

With these features available, getting proper healthcare for your dog is sure to remain easy and convenient and time goes on. Contact a center like Animal Emergency Clinic to learn more.