Dog Farts: What Causes Them And What You Can Do About Them

17 April 2017
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You're spending an evening with your dog when, all of a sudden, you hear a loud fart and smell its awful smell and it didn't come from you. Yes, dogs fart and they fart for many of the reasons humans do, plus a few more. Flatulence in pet dogs may be partially related to being domesticated and the associated change in diet. In other cases, it could be the result of some serious health issues. Here are three reasons why your dog is passing gas and ideas on how to reduce the problem.

Dietary issues:

Like humans, dogs' stomachs are affected by what they eat. Some farting issues may have to do with the modern domesticated dog's commercial dog food. These processed foods often have much more grain and vegetables than dogs are really designed to handle. While most canids eat a variety of foods, the majority of their diet is meat. Adult dogs also can't handle dairy, so feeding them things like milk, ice cream and cheese can increase the frequency and, often, worsen the smell of your dog's farts.

Certain breeds and temperaments:

Farting often has to do with gulping too much air and some breeds are more prone to these issues than others. Dogs with short faces, such as bulldogs and shih tzus, have a particular problem with gulping air. Dogs who are nervous eaters who gulp down their foods may also take in lot of air. What goes in must come out and it's likely to come out the back end. Unfortunately, in regards to the breed issues, there isn't a whole lot you can do. However, with nervous eaters, you may have to make some behavioral modifications, such as feeding the dog separately from other dogs, to get them to slow down on their food.

Potentially serious health issues:

There are times when your veterinarian will need to be contacted. When the farts are both extremely stinky and very frequent, then it's time for a check-up. Most dogs will fart occasionally, or even consistently for a short time period, but it should go away if you are feeding a healthy diet. Certain parasites, pancreatic diseases and even inflammatory bowl disease can be serious and cause your dog a lot of discomfort. If these issues are not remedied quickly, they may get worse. Certain tests can rule out most of the medically-related causes for flatulence. Your veterinarian may also give you some doggy dietary advice.

Farting isn't just limited to humans. Many of our pets are capable of this smelly problem and for many of the same reasons. Occasional farting shouldn't be a problem, but if it's long-term, then it might be more serious. If your dog has a gassy issue, and you're concerned there's something medically wrong, then visit one of the veterinarian clinics in your area as soon as possible.