A Dog Can Need An Emergency Veterinarian

12 April 2017
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Your dog is one of your best friends, and it has always been there for you when you are in the dumps. You make sure that your dog has all the shots at the right time, and that it has the best diet possible. Put simply you make sure that the dog is taken care of in every facet of life. However, there are situations that can be hard to diagnose. Just like with humans, dogs have medical emergencies. It can often be very hard to know when your dog is having a medial emergency, but it is necessary for the sake of your dog that you know when to take your dog to an emergency veterinarian. Here are just a few instances where you should take your dog into the veterinarian as soon as possible.


One of the biggest problems that dogs run into is something called bloat. This is where the dog has an obstruction in their intestines. It can occur when the dog eats a rock or something that does not digest. It can also happen simply when the intestines get twisted. Some of the things that you may notice with your dog is restlessness. They may try to lay down, but just not be able to get comfortable. They may also try repeatedly to vomit, but may be unable to do so. This is a dire situation and you need to take your dog in immediately.

Dog Fight 

If you are walking your dog at the park and another dog comes up to your dog and starts to be more than a little friendly, starts fighting, you should worry. It does not matter if the other dog is wild or tame you are going to want to take the dog in. There are multiple reasons that you should take your dog in after a dogfight. The first and most important is that the dog could have rabies. Your dog may have had some serious wounds inflicted that may need medical attention as well.

Breaking Eating Habits

You need to try and observe the eating habits of your dog because if they stop eating it could be a sign that something is wrong, and they need to see a veterinarian. For the most part if a dog skips a few meals, they should go into a veterinarian, such as at Columbine Animal Hospital & Emergency Clinic, as soon as possible so the condition that your dog is in does not get any worse.