5 Reasons Pet Acupuncture Can Be Beneficial For Your Pet

10 April 2017
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Whether you have a cat or a dog, he or she can definitely benefit from pet acupuncture. It's not a common veterinary treatment, but it's not something you should rule out. This is because pet acupuncture helps with your pet's ability to go through the process of healing their body naturally after any kind of injury by balancing chemical imbalances. Here are five specific reasons this treatment can be beneficial for your pet:

  1. Releases Pain Relieving Chemicals: The natural pain relieving chemicals in your pet's body are released during the process of pet acupuncture. When this happens, the pain that your pet may be feeling from a stomach ache or injury will be minimized naturally instead of with the overuse of medications. Plus, since acupuncture is actually working to correct imbalances, your pet is more likely not to have problems with the pain later on like they would when medications wear off. 
  2. Relaxation of Muscles: The relaxation of the muscles in your pet's body can also help minimize the amount of pain that they feel from an injury or other ailment. Pet's have a difficult time learning to relax their muscles on their own, which is why pet acupuncture is a great way to achieve this. 
  3. ‚ÄčImproves Blood Flow: The way acupuncture works is by placing the needles in the points where the blood flows to help improve blood flow overall. This is going to remove toxins in your pet's body that could be causing the pain they are feeling to be worse. 
  4. No Side Effects: The biggest benefit of pet acupuncture is that there are absolutely no side effects like there would be with medications. Instead of receiving a prescription for pain medications, you could talk to your vet about the possibility of pet acupuncture being just as effective. This way, you don't have to deal with any side effects of medications, especially if your pet is allergic to any medications. 
  5. It's Safe: Finally, pet acupuncture is a safe treatment. There are no chemicals or medications used, which means that even if your pet is taking medications, they can still receive pet acupuncture without it causes any problems with the medication that your pet is taking. 

When you know these five reasons pet acupuncture can be beneficial for your pet, you can be sure that it's something you talk to your vet about. This way, you can receive the service for your pet if your vet believes it can be beneficial for your pet in the long-term. For more information, contact a business such as 1st Pet Veterinary Centers.