4 Ways Your Local Pet Boarder Can Benefit You Beyond Vacation

5 April 2017
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If you have pets, you've probably already had them stay at your local pet boarder at least once for a vacation or business trip. However, there are plenty of other ways that a pet boarder can potentially benefit you and your furry family. Here are four reasons why you might have your pets stay at a pet boarder that you may not have considered before.

House Cleaning

Although most pet parents make an effort to stock cleansers that are safe to use around their pets, sometimes a more thorough job is necessary. If you're just working on a single room, you can generally do a good job of keeping your pets out and refraining from allowing them access to the area until it's dry and safe. However, if your entire house is being cleaned professionally - for example, your carpets are being cleaned - a night at the pet boarder might be a good idea. Doing so will make sure that your pets aren't exposed to toxic chemicals and take a load off your mind.


If you have a bug problem, it's also a good time for your pets to be boarded. Pet exterminators often claim that they do a good job of killing bugs without harming pets, but accidents can happen. Your pet could potentially be exposed to a toxin that's used to kill bugs or rodents, or they might encounter a dying or dead pest that's contaminated after the fact. Leaving your pets at a pet boarder will assure that they're not coming into contact with anything dangerous.

Hospitalization or Illness

No one wants to be sick, but sometimes serious medical problems happen. In this instance, giving your pet boarder a call may be a good idea. Your pet boarder will be able to take care of your animals without troubling family or neighbors with the problem. Whether you're going into the hospital for a period of time or you're just extremely ill with the flu, it will give you a chance to rest and recuperate without worrying about how your pets will get taken care of while you're under the weather.

Emergency Home Repairs

Lastly, if your home is undergoing any kind of repairs or maintenance, consider taking your pets to the pet boarder. There's a wide variety of ways your pets could be impacted by home repairs. For example, repairmen generally come and go frequently to get necessary materials or tools from their vehicles, and pets can escape the home during this time. Pets can also be exposed to dust and chemicals while your repairmen are working. Although not life-threatening, even the noise and commotion can be nerve-wracking and anxiety inducing for your pet. It's better to take them to a pet boarder and keep them from being under foot and at risk at home until the work is done.

Your local pet boarder can help you in a lot of ways beyond taking your pets off your hands when you're on vacation. Call your local pet boarder today to learn more about their offerings and to set up an appointment for occasions like these. For more information, contact establishments like Marquette Animal Hospital.